Here are some Facts which we are getting affected by polluting the Environment!

·       Linfen in China is one of the most polluted city in world.

·       Americans use 50 million tons of paper annually -- consuming more than 850 million trees.

·       Every ton of recycled office paper saves 380 gallons of oil.

·       Every year we throw away 24 million tons of leaves and grass. Leaves alone account for 75% of our solid waste in the fall.

·       If just 25% of U.S. families used 10 fewer plastic bags a month, we would save over 2.5 BILLION bags a year.

·       On the average, the 140 million cars in America are estimated to travel almost 4 billion miles in a day, and according to the Department of Transportation,they use over 200 million gallons of gasoline doing it.

·       Energy saved from one recycled aluminum can will operate a TV set for 3 hours, and is the equivalent to half a can of gasoline.

·       Enough glass was thrown away in 1990 to fill the Twin Towers (1,350 feet high) of New York's World Trade Center every two weeks.

·       Every day 40,000 children die from preventable diseases caused by pollution

·       The human population of the world is expected to be nearly tripled by the year 2100.

·       Despite all of the damage we have caused the environment most of it is reversible. We can restore habitats and return species to them; clean rivers; renovate buildings; replenish the topsoil, replant forests. However, these activities do not relieve the worst symptoms of the damage. We still have to fix the source of these problems, us and our vision that we must progress.


·        World temperatures have risen by an average of 0.6°C. This small rise has led to glaciers melting, sea levels rising and rainfall patterns altering.



·        Spring is now arriving up to 3 weeks early in the UK because of global warming!


·        In France 20,000 people died in a heat wave in 2003 caused by global warming.



·        The polar ice-caps have melted by 40% over the last 50 years – our sea levels are therefore rising. Over a quarter of the world’s plants and animals are threatened with extinction.