Cool games to go on!

Here are some cool website to play games on. Also there are educational websites in this webpage! Most of these pages are about the Environment.


about the game/website: Celebrate Earth Day with free online games for kids, Earth Day puzzles, crafts and coloring pages. Plus, take the Earth Day quiz and learn how you can help save the planet.
Help Michael recycle! Pick up all the litter in the park and stop all the litterbugs before time runs out!


about the game/website: Help Michael recycle! Pick up all the litter in the park and stop all the litterbugs before time runs out!


About:The Planet Science games cupboard is a collection of online interactive games and other fun activities like quizzes. Try your hand on Planet 10 and see if you can create a perfect world. It’s not that easy because you have to mix and match the building blocks to create a perfect world.

Or you could learn a bit about energy and its conservation from the lighter games like Energy

Here’s your chance to see if you can do better in the hot seat. The game tests your decision making skills while holding the top job of President of the European Nations. You must tackle climate change and stay popular enough with the voters to remain in office.

5. Clim’way

About:The Clim’way game is again about helping the larger community reach some specific climate goals. You have to create a climate plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a certain percentage in a certain time frame. Your plans can include setting up alternative energy sources, reducing human consumption etc.

6.Web Earth Online

How would you cope in the environment of today if you were an animal or bird? Use this multi player online game to find out. Pitted against you will be species which may be friend or foe. Then you have the natural world to deal with too.

You will get to play through the entire life cycle of the animal you choose. Like all animal species, the objective is to survive and thrive. The basic game is free.

7.Earth Day Games

Earth Day has passed us by, but the games that were set up to promote it endure on many sites around the web. has a small collection of simple Flash based environmental games like Clean Up Your World. The games are simple enough to introduce the youngest of the lot to the need for environmental cleanliness.

8.Recycle City

Continuing in the same spirit of cleaning up the litter around you, head for Recycle City. In the Dumptown Game, as the Dumptown Manager, you can create your own scavenger hunt and learn what it takes to help protect the environment.

9.World Wildlife Fund

As WWF says, these are games with a message. Nine games listed on one page and a tenth one on Facebook (that’s about looking after a polar bear). My picks are the blaster games. For instance, in the Toxic Blaster, I am piloting a jet-sub into the insides of a polar bear, a whale, and a man to blast away toxic molecules. But be warned, those contaminants can destroy the sub too.


About:The Canadian website Ecokids has quite a list of little environmental games arranged in categories like Wildlife, Climate Change, Energy, Water, Waste, Land Use etc. The learning based environmental games are also bunched up according to age levels. For instance, in The Journey of a Wildlife Photographer you have to become a wildlife photographer and check out how animals and birds have adapted to the environment.

11.The Adventures Of Vermi The Worm

About:Go along with Vermi the worm and learn the basics of vermicomposting and its benefits, plus other waste management strategies like recycling. Along the way you will meet other characters like Bubba the Worm, Hugh Hammer, Sunny Flower, and Trashcan. While learning you have to help your buddies too as they reduce, reuse, recycle what’s waste.